Keystone has refined the EM/HM Hybrid staffing model for lower volume facilities in need of both EM and Inpatient coverage but who lack the financial resources for multiple providers.  The EM-HM hybrid system is a collaborative practice arrangement in a low volume setting that provides efficient delivery of medical care to patients.  A few key components and advantages of the EM/HM Hybrid coverage model are as follows:

  • The EM-HM hybrid model utilizes a single physician (and possibly a NP) who functions primarily in the ED, but whose skill set also affords rounding on inpatients
  • Usually there are 1.5 – 2.0 FTEs per 24-hour period (guided by patient activity)
  • PCP Call & IP coverage nights, weekends, holidays, as needed/requested
  • Cross-cover on the GPU, SB and SNF patients
  • Service can support all Unassigned Referrals, Assigned Patients as requested, Acute Care, Observation, GPU, Swing Bed, & Skilled Nursing Facility