Keystone has developed a comprehensive approach to managing EM and HM services. Some examples are noted below.  Each is tailored for a specific client–from large, high-volume practices to small, low-volume operations. No matter how big or small you are, we have a customized EM and HM management solution for you.


  • EM & HM Service Alignment
  • Establish Patient Flow Improvement Committee
  • Align Around Quality, Safety, & Patient Experience
  • Establish EM & HM Leadership Structure
  • Implement Lean Process Improvement & Industry Best Practices
  • Build Culture Of Service & Satisfaction
  • Deploy Technology To Manage Patient Flow
  • Dashboard Key Metrics  To Empower Team
  • Align Compensation & Incentives With Overall Practice Goals


Keystone will implement proven industry best practices to help our partners be successful. These best practices are included in the Keystone Playbook, designed to improve EM and HM services under our management. Together, we will build a culture of service and satisfaction.


  • Improve Input-Throughput-Output
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction
  • Improve Staff Satisfaction
  • Improve Medical Staff Satisfaction
  • Improve Quality & Patient Safety
  • Build & Grow Patient volume