Keystone’s Operations Team is second to none. This talented, disciplined and responsive team will provide services and support unmatched in the EM and HM Practice Management Industry. Keystone’s partner hospitals benefit from:

  • Selective provider recruitment
  • Comprehensive provider screening & enrollment
  • Comprehensive provider orientation & onboarding
  • Provider performance monitoring & review
  • Continuing medical education & risk management education
  • Personalized schedule management services
  • 24/7/365 live on call support
  • Client-aligned provider incentive programs
  • Tracking & dashboarding of key practice & performance metrics

One of Keystone Healthcare Management’s main goals is to provide all members of the Keystone family an open and inviting support team that rivals the passion of their on-site counterparts. Responsive, respectable and armed with an impressive database of best practices, our support team is staffed with industry professionals with a wide range of knowledge in the healthcare industry from crisis management to quality assurance. The time you spend in the healthcare industry is precious, so the Operations Team is well-versed in answering questions concisely, precisely and in alignment with current best practices to make sure that our on-site professionals can perform accurately and in a timely manner.

woman in operations