Progressive Management

At Keystone, we see many opportunities to improve the quality of EM and HM care while containing costs, aligning incentives, and effectively utilizing resources.

Innovative Solutions

Keystone has developed a comprehensive approach to managing EM and HM services so no matter how big or small you are, we have customized EM and HM management solutions for you.

Creative Leaders

Our top priority is to be engaged with our clients. Our high-touch approach has fostered successful long-term partnerships. Our team will continually work to improve EM & HM service performance, and build a culture of service and satisfaction.

More Engaged, Better Results

Keystone Healthcare Management has provided leading-edge solutions in Emergency Department Management since 1996 and Hospitalist Service Management since 2005. Keystone provides a full range of practice management, billing, and administrative services for EM and HM practices. We help our clients overcome the many challenges of the modern healthcare marketplace. We focus on helping to properly align EM and HM clinical services with the quality and performance requirements you must meet.

Our team becomes an important extension of your management structure, ensuring that your EM and HM services perform at required levels and deliver proper reimbursement, compliance, and satisfaction. To be successful, hospitals must align EM & HM Services from both a quality and budgetary standpoint. With this goal in mind, we will partner with your facility to improve EM and HM quality, safety, satisfaction, efficiency, and resource utilization.