Emergency Medicine,

the Keystone Healthcare Way

Dr. Elizabeth James, MD, FACEP

Director of Emergency Medicine & Telehealth
Strategic Solutions

Looking at healthcare is like looking through the lens of a kaleidoscope. There is constant change and the contents must work together in harmony and balance with each turn. The changing dynamics in the industry are like revolutions of the kaleidoscope that allow us to architect the most diverse and beautiful solutions for our clients and their patients.

Dr. James

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Our Emergency Medicine Philosophy

Hospital executives today must choose leadership teams that prioritize the ED experience through a patient-centered lens using innovate modalities to execute a new standard of care. At Keystone Healthcare, we dissect and deconstruct the nursing, ancillary staff, and provider teams’ processes using data from our telehealth team, the hospital’s patient flow metrics, and our own patient satisfaction AI. We rebuild and reengineer the experience in a way that prioritizes a patient-centered experience. In doing that, we provide our hospital partners with a pathway that ensures they are prepared for the challenges we face in the healthcare system today.


The ED is the “front door” to your hospital. We strive to make it the door patients want to walk through on their worst days; employees will proudly work for; and make our executives lives a little easier. Our clinical leadership team (consisting of nurse liaison, local and regional medical directors, and telehealth teams) will ensure that we maintain the type of partnership with your hospital leaders that consistently addresses departmental pain points with uniquely catered clinical solutions.

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See how Keystone Healthcare led a 3‑Year Transformation from Bottom‑Ranking to Top of the HCA Scorecard with Garden Park Hospital Medical Center in Gulfport, MS.


What Our Hospital Partners Are Saying

“The medical staff is very comfortable with the medical director. His relationship with the nursing staff, administration, and medical staff is key. I have a good working relationship with the Keystone physicians and this provides cohesiveness.”

– Administrator, Jefferson Davis County Hospital / Prentiss, MS

“Before we used EMCare – it was a long distance relationship, no face to face with the company. Now I have a relationship with nurse liaison and the owner of the company that I can call and are at my fingertips. I have the owners personal cell phone number and he touches base with me when he is in town.”

– Director of Nursing, Walthall County Hospital / Tylertown, MS

“We made a decision to go with Keystone two years ago this February and we haven’t regretted it for one moment. Keystone is large enough to provide the resources we need yet small enough for the executive team to be personally involved in assisting hospitals to be successful. I find the leadership to be interested, responsive and personable. Keystone’s providers are appreciated by the hospital staff and the community.”

– Administrator, Highland Community Hospital / Picayune, MS

“Keystone has been an outstanding partner for Forrest Health over the years. I’ve had the opportunity to utilize their services, both as Hospitalist and Emergency Room Providers, at the three Community Hospitals that I oversee and I have been extremely satisfied. They will listen!!! One of my top concerns is always making sure that our physicians match up with our culture, Keystone understands this and will not let up until they get it right. This type of approach is what sets them apart from their competitors.”

– Administrator, Jefferson Davis County Hospital, Walthall County Hospital, and Marion General Hospital / Prentiss, MS, Tylertown, MS, and Marion, IN

“It has been a privilege to work with Keystone during the last two years. I continuously receive tremendous support/collaboration from their nurse liaison officer who is actively involved with our team. Keystone is dedicated to providing high quality care within our community.”

– CEN Emergency Services Director, Highland Community Hospital / Picayune, MS

“It is a pleasure to work with Keystone. They understand the challenges in healthcare and they work as a partner with the hospital to meet these challenges head on, with innovation, while sharing the goal of providing quality care to patients. They build an individualized team of medical providers to best fit the needs and culture of the hospital and community that they serve. The immediate response and teamwork by/with Keystone’s administrative staff and nurse liaison is unequaled!”

– Chief Nursing Officer, Highland Community Hospital / Picayune, MS