Revenue Cycle Management

the Keystone Healthcare Way

Keystone Medical Billing Services is a dedicated revenue cycle management team comprised of best-in-the-industry talent under the leadership of industry veterans.

heather norris

Heather Norris

SVP, Revenue Cycle

tanya lloyd

Tanya Lloyd

SVP, Operations

With over 30 years each of Revenue Cycle Management experience, Heather Norris and Tanya Lloyd lead the Keystone Medical Billing Services Team with best-in-class processes and technologies that rival the most prestigious billing agencies. Experienced in both captive and third-party billing environments, the KMBS Team is instrumental in ensuring the financial success of Keystone and our hospital partners.

Why Keystone?

In many cases, a revenue cycle management partner is the most significant vendor relationship for a practice. Superior revenue cycle management requires specialized and dedicated expertise. Our revenue cycle management function prides itself on consistent excellence through:


We have built a team of best-of-class revenue cycle industry leaders. Our leaders come from long and impressive careers in the industry, bringing with them the most valuable revenue cycle methodologies and best practices.


Quality is monitored continuously through monthly internal audits of every revenue cycle function and periodic coding audits by external industry experts. Continuous documentation feedback and education for providers is another critical component to strong RVU performance and our team is relentless about it.


Our infrastructure is fully built with existing connectivity to most hospital EMRs. We manage highly efficient throughput to ensure clean claims and quick recovery of cash.

Patient Advocacy

A patient-friendly approach to billing and collections is a core tenant of our operations as it is a critical component to the overall patient experience.

Data Analytics

We take a fluid approach and constantly monitor changes in payor behavior that is captured in extensive and informative reporting that drives decision-making.

How Is Your Top-Line Fiscal Health?

A Revenue Cycle Management Check-Up Brochure

Hospitals and physician practices alike are experiencing exaggerated levels of margin compression as a result of both a shift to value-based care and declining reimbursement. The result? More than ever before, these organizations are looking for creative ways to improve their financial performance. Explore symptoms of sub-par revenue cycle management (RCM) and discover how to critically assess the performance of your RCM function in a free brochure.


Our Revenue Cycle
Management Services

Patient Advocacy Call Center

We believe in being an advocate for patients. Our patient medical billing company, staffed by compassionate and knowledgeable specialists, helps patients resolve issues and misunderstandings. To provide the best support possible, when needed, we conduct conference calls with the patient and their insurance provider to help everyone understand their responsibilities.

Monthly Financial Reporting

Monthly financial reporting is critical to ongoing improvement and monitoring of revenue cycle management activities. We provide a monthly financial reporting package  and work with you to design a billing reporting program that best meets your needs.

Insurance Contracting

Our medical billing team provides insurance contracting advice and negotiates payer contracts on your behalf.

Clinical Documentation Education

We work closely with every physician to ensure they are comfortable with the requirements of your hospital’s EHR or EMR software. Our certified documentation education team spends time on-site to conduct group courses on documentation changes and regulations. Beyond that, we work one-on-one with clinicians to provide feedback and support to ensure there is a continual feedback loop between our providers and our medical billing team to maximize reimbursement and revenue.

Physician Billing Enrollment

We handle enrollment paperwork and credentialing to ensure smooth and efficient onboarding.

Chart Processing

Our medical billing team establishes an electronic interface between your EMR and our Chart Management System. We track chart inventory and reconcile charts with your patient log to identify and communicate deficient charts.


Our medical billing team processes, initiates, and mails all bills to patients and payors within five business days after receiving emergency records.

Coding Services

Let our certified medical coders transform your hospital’s documentation, nurse notes, and lab and radiology results into proper code.

Claims and Statements Management

With a focus on efficiency, we file insurance claims electronically through a clearing house daily, which reviews the claims for accuracy prior to submission.

Bad Debt Management

We work with you to develop an accounts receivable strategy that meets your needs. Anything identified as bad debt will be referred to the collection agency of your choice.