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Patient Services

Delivering high-quality, patient-centered care is the driving force behind every decision we make. We manage clinical quality and the patient satisfaction experience, plus provide complete patient complaint resolution solutions that result in satisfaction and delight.

What We Provide

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Patient Satisfaction & Experience

We are committed to providing a superior patient experience. Our programs, processes, and initiatives to improve quality of care, patient flow, complaint resolution, case management, and more, correlate directly to patient satisfaction. Our goal is for every patient to have a positive experience with a high-caliber clinician so we can impact their experience and your scores and financial success.

Patient Advocacy

We believe in being an advocate for your patients. Our captive patient medical billing company, staffed by compassionate and knowledgeable specialists, help patients resolve issues and misunderstandings. To provide the best support possible, when needed, we conduct conference calls with the patient and his or her insurance provider to help everyone understand their responsibilities.


Our ED2Home program utilizes telemedicine to continue giving patients access to ED physicians from the comfort and safety of their homes, minimizing risk and optimizing care.

Patient Complaint Resolution

Most hospitals receive two types of patient complaints: complaints about quality of care and complaints about billing. We are committed to addressing each type of complaint by bringing it to the attention of the medical director, cross-checking it with the patient’s case, and responding to the patient in a timely, professional, and respectful manner. Billing-related complaints are handled by our captive medical billing company for timely resolution.


We partner with HonorCare® to offer patients affordable and accessible medical payment solutions. For patients who need to refinance their bills, we work with HonorCare® on their behalf to determine a payment plan that works with their budget and lifestyle.

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Discharge & Post-Acute Care Management

Proper patient discharge is important to the overall patient experience and to ensuring the best clinical outcomes for patients. We provide follow-up phone calls to ensure patients understand their discharge instructions and to receive feedback on how their visit to the emergency department was. For post-acute care patients being discharged, we are diligent to discharge them in a timely manner and ensure follow-up appointments are scheduled with the appropriate physicians and resources.

Community Outreach Support

We want your hospital to be as welcoming as possible to new and returning patients. We work with your marketing team to create materials that educate people on changes and advancements to your hospital. Additionally, we encourage our physician leaders to take an active role in the community and facilitate a dialogue with patients. Whether at nursing homes or community centers, we help educate people and patients about the benefits of choosing your hospital over urgent care or other facilities.

Superior Clinical Outcomes

We are committed to delivering high-quality care and achieve this through our rigorous recruiting, screening, enrollment, onboarding, and continued education programs. We implement best practice in clinical quality, educate physicians on new techniques, and foster a culture of engagement to enhance clinical quality and outcomes.