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Physician & APP Services

Recruiting, developing, and retaining exceptional clinicians is exactly what we do. With dedicated physician recruitment and onboarding teams and comprehensive training and performance management, we not only attract high-quality clinicians but maintain a 99% physician retention rate.

What We Provide

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Onboarding & Orientation

Clinician and physician onboarding is critical to ensuring the success of every hire. Our rigorous physician onboarding and orientation process includes shadow shifts and a comprehensive review of your facility layout and rules, the history of your organization, current initiatives, dress code, and other important information. Our medical directors spend time with the clinician. Following his or her first full shift, we follow up to answer and clarify outstanding questions or concerns.

Flexible Scheduling

Let us alleviate the stress of schedule management from your team. Our dedicated scheduling team coordinates all your EM and HM clinicians and is available 24/7, so when unexpected issues arise, we can find a resolution to ensure every shift is properly staffed and covered.

Screening & Billing Enrollment

We take recruitment a few steps further than other companies by providing comprehensive clinical screening and enrollment services. Every prospective hire is reviewed by our medical leadership team before he or she is ever presented to you as a viable candidate. Once the right clinician is selected, we take care of the enrollment paperwork and credentialing process to ensure smooth and efficient onboarding takes place.

Documentation Education

We work closely with every physician to ensure he or she is comfortable with the requirements of your hospital’s EHR or EMR software. Our certified documentation education team spends time on-site to conduct group courses on documentation changes and regulations. Beyond that, we work one-on-one with clinicians to provide feedback and support as needed.

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Medical Liability Insurance

We provide top-rated medical malpractice liability insurance to support the best interest of your clinicians and hospital.

Litigation Support

We support clinicians with financial support and attorney representation if a malpractice claim ever goes to litigation.

Clinical Leadership Team Support System

The best partners are those with shared values, and at Keystone Healthcare, we value being a people-focused organization where everyone is engaged and heard. Our clinical leadership team is hand-picked, and the physicians we recruit are people who want to be fully involved with your organization and team.

Keystone Leadership Academy

Continuing education for our physicians and other team members is paramount to our collective success as partners. On an annual basis, we bring together our national, regional, and on-site physician leaders for an engaging retreat that provides medical leadership development and reviews the successes and challenges of our partners’ hospitals. Beyond that, we send clinicians to conferences sponsored by the national academy to ensure the latest best practices are instated.