Hospital Services

Partnering with a highly engaged, full-service management partner is the key to better results. As a premier partner for emergency, hospital, and critical care medicine management we designed our business around EM and HM integration with practice management support to successfully bridge gaps in recruiting, orientation, scheduling, medical billing services, compliance, evidence-based practices, patient flow management, and more.

We take a needs-based approach to assessing your situation and lend our expertise through partnership in a variety of arrangements, including independent service offerings and practice management agreements.


  • 10+ year average
    client tenure
  • 99.8% annual retention
    of clinical staff with high levels of satisfaction
  • 100% of business and physician leaders
    are highly engaged shareholders
  • 100% privately funded, agile clinical and administrative leadership team
  • 98% Coding Quality Scores from top industry talent leading captive billing company
  • Physician-led Board
    of Directors

What We Provide

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Emergency Medicine

Partner with us for emergency physician staffing and management. We will recruit and staff your emergency medicine department with a core group of full-time providers who are committed to your hospital’s success. From APPS, scribes, and billing specialists to our executive and physician leadership teams, we will work together to impact the metrics that matter to your hospital.

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Hospital Medicine

Experience the difference a core group of providers can make to your hospital medicine department. We focus on finding the right providers for your hospital—providers and APPs that share your values and passion for delivering quality patient care. Beyond dedicated providers, our medical billing services company is always looking out for the best interest of your bottom line.

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Supplement your emergency medicine and hospital medicine departments with telemedicine solutions. We provide advanced telecase management that ensures the correct status is assigned to every patient case to ensure proper care and maximum revenue and reimbursement. Our teletriage solutions provide additional care capacity, allowing providers from affiliate hospitals to video chat with patients and deliver quality care remotely while controlling costs.

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The Keystone Healthcare Full-Service Model

We have the same in-house infrastructure as national companies, but we’re small enough to apply our expertise with agility across a variety of settings. We customize our contracts to ensure we’re meeting every need.

Partnership Support Services

Our hospital partnerships are backed by a robust back-office infrastructure and support that ranges from financial reporting and cash management to human resources and legal counsel. With 25 years of experience behind us, we have manage our partnerships with the highest level of integrity.

Client Service and Operations Management

Startup Summit

Every successful partnership requires a firm foundation, which is why we start every partnership with a Startup Summit that involves your team and ours. This half-day event is an opportunity for your hospital’s credentialing, billing, and documentation teams to meet their Keystone Healthcare counterparts. We review and document processes, expectations, EHRs, and more to achieve alignment and identify a clear path to success for everyone involved.

Key Performance Indicator Tracking and Dashboarding

We impact the metrics that matter to your hospital by understanding your prior metrics and establishing a plan to improve them We examine processes like patient flow and satisfaction and create teams and systems to improve your dashboard.

Patient Flow Management and Throughput Analysis

We dissect and deconstruct the nursing, ancillary staff, and provider teams’ processes using data from our telehealth team, the hospital’s patient flow metrics, and our own patient satisfaction AI. We rebuild and re-engineer the experience in a way that prioritizes a patient-centered experience and optimizes patient flow.

Patient Complaint Management

Most hospitals receive two types of patient complaints: complaints about quality of care and complaints about billing. We address each complaint by bringing it to the attention of the medical director, cross-checking it with the patient’s case, and responding to the patient in a timely, professional, and respectful manner. Billing-related complaints are handled by our captive medical billing company for timely resolution.

Onsite Administrative Support

We are tangible, available, and active partners. We staff onsite administrative support to ensure that communication and organization are upheld between our regional offices and your facility.

Discharge and Post-Acute Care Management

Proper patient discharge is important to the patient experience and to ensure the best clinical outcomes for patients. We leverage our artificial intelligence solution, Keystone Connect and provide follow-up phone calls to confirm that patients understand their discharge instructions and to request feedback on how emergency department visit went. For post-acute care patients, we are diligent to discharge them in a timely manner and guarantee that follow-up appointments are scheduled, leveraging technology each step of the way.

Practitioner Management & Support

Onboarding and Orientation

Clinician and physician onboarding are critical to ensure the success of every hire. Our rigorous physician onboarding and orientation process includes shadow shifts and a comprehensive review of your facility layout and rules, the history of your organization, current initiatives, dress code, and other important information. Our medical directors spend time with each clinician. Following their first full shift, we follow up to answer and clarify any outstanding questions or concerns.

Regional and Site Medical Leadership

The best partners are those with shared values, and at Keystone Healthcare, we value being a people-focused organization where everyone is engaged and heard. Our clinical leadership team is hand-picked, and the physicians we recruit are people who want to be fully involved with your organization and team.

Nurse Liaison Support

We close the loop between your staff and our team with nurse liaison support. Your dedicated nurse leader from Keystone Healthcare will regularly interface with your nursing staff and physician leadership to keep communication open, while also leading hospital committee meetings and special initiatives.

Compensation and Benefits Plan(s) Development

Change is constant due to market dynamics, staffing models, performance expectations and levels of physician supply. We pride ourselves on staying close to our physicians, understanding their needs, and maintaining competitive compensation and benefits packages.

Physician Recruitment, Screening, and Billing Enrollment

We take recruitment a few steps further by providing comprehensive clinical screening and enrollment services. Every prospective hire is reviewed by our medical leadership team before he or she is ever presented to you as a viable candidate. Once the right clinician is selected, we take care of the enrollment paperwork and credentialing process to ensure smooth and efficient onboarding.

Flexible Scheduling

Let us alleviate the stress of schedule management. Our dedicated scheduling team coordinates all your clinicians and is available 24/7, so when unexpected issues arise, we can find a resolution to ensure every shift is properly staffed and covered.

Payroll Management

Let us be responsible for payroll management. We have a team dedicated to ensuring timely, accurate payroll systems. Our on-call support is available 24/7 for any questions related to payroll, so you don’t have to be.

Quarterly Performance Reviews

We take quality seriously. Our systems allow for real-time provider sentiment scoring and at minimum, we conduct quarterly performance reviews with our practitioners to ensure they feel supported and that their conduct produces the best results for your facility.

Professional Medical Liability Insurance

Our clinicians receive malpractice insurance and healthcare risk management education. Our corporate compliance healthcare and risk management functions control risk for your hospital and patients while allowing for continuous quality care.

Keystone Healthcare Leadership Academy

Continuing education for our physicians and other team members is paramount to our success. On an annual basis, we bring together our national, regional, and on-site physician leaders for an engaging retreat that provides medical leadership development and reviews the successes and challenges of our partners’ hospitals. Beyond that, we send clinicians to conferences sponsored by the national academy to ensure that the latest best practices are always instated.

Revenue Cycle Management

Monthly Financial Reporting

Monthly financial reporting is critical to ongoing improvement and monitoring of revenue cycle management activities. We provide a monthly financial reporting package and work with you to design a billing reporting program that best meets your needs.

Insurance Contracting

Our medical billing team provides insurance contracting advice and negotiates payer contracts on your behalf.

Clinical Documentation Education

We work closely with every physician to ensure they are comfortable with the requirements of your hospital’s EHR or EMR software. Our certified Documentation Education Team spends time on-site to conduct group courses on documentation changes and regulations. Beyond that, we work one-on-one with clinicians to provide feedback and support to ensure there is a continual feedback loop between our providers and our medical billing team to maximize reimbursement and revenue.

Physician Billing Enrollment

We handle enrollment paperwork and credentialing to ensure smooth and efficient onboarding.

Chart Processing

Our medical billing team establishes an electronic interface between your EMR and our Chart Management System. We track chart inventory and reconcile charts with your patient log to identify and communicate deficient charts.


Our medical billing team processes, initiates, and mails all bills to patients and payors within five business days after receiving emergency records.

Coding Services

Let our certified medical coders transform your hospital’s documentation, nurse notes, and lab and radiology results into proper code.

Claims and Statements Management

With a focus on efficiency, we file insurance claims electronically through a clearing house daily, which reviews the claims for accuracy prior to submission.

Patient Advocacy Call Center

We believe in being an advocate for patients. Our captive patient medical billing company, staffed by compassionate and knowledgeable specialists, helps patients resolve issues and misunderstandings. To provide the best support possible, when needed, we conduct conference calls with the patient and their insurance provider to help everyone understand their responsibilities.

Bad Debt Management

We work with you to develop an accounts receivable strategy that meets your needs. Anything identified as bad debt will be referred to the collection agency of your choice.