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Hospital Services

Integrating Emergency Medicine and Hospital Medicine is the key to better results. We designed our business around this integration to successfully bridge gaps in recruiting, orientation, scheduling, medical billing services, compliance, evidence-based practices, patient flow management, and more.

What We Provide

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Emergency Medicine

Partner with us for emergency physician staffing and management. We will recruit and staff your emergency medicine department with a core group of full-time providers who are committed to your hospital’s success. From APPs, scribes, and billing specialists to our administrative and physician leadership teams, we will work together to impact the metrics that matter to your hospital.

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Hospital Medicine

Experience the difference a core group of providers can make to your hospital medicine department. We focus on finding the right providers for your hospital—physicians and APPs that share your values and passion for delivering quality patient care. Beyond dedicated providers, our medical billing services company is always looking out for the best interest of your bottom line.

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Keystone Telehealth

Supplement your hospital’s emergency medicine and hospital medicine departments with Keystone Telehealth. We are imagineering and optimizing the patient flow through telehealth solutions for hospital’s across the country. From Pre-Hospital to Post-Discharge, Keystone Telehealth enhances the patient experience, encouraging patients to utilize your healthcare facility for future treatment and care.
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Other Hospital Services We Provide

Physician & APP Recruitment

As soon as we partner with your hospital, our in-house physician recruiters hit the ground running on recruitment and outreach of physicians and APPs for your site and needs. Our goal is to equip you with a full-time group of providers who are the right match for your hospital and for us. View Open Positions

KPIs & Dashboarding

We impact the metrics that matter to your hospital by understanding your prior metrics and establishing a game plan to improve them moving forward. We examine processes like patient flow and satisfaction to create teams and systems to improve your dashboard.

Patient Flow Analysis & Facilitation

Keep your patients moving and satisfied with our patient flow management services. Using proven best practice healthcare operating methodologies, we leverage processes that allow for rapid process improvement and enhance patient flow in the ER. From the moment a patient arrives to the time he or she is discharged, we ensure their experience is positive and timely by identifying and remediating bottlenecks.

Case Management Expertise & Support

Be confident that every patient is receiving high-quality care based on best practices and protocols with superior healthcare case management support. Our nursing, documentation and education teams, and case managers work alongside the EM and HM providers on admission and clinical support to ensure quality, timeliness, protocol, and properly reported metrics.

Nurse Liaison Support

We close the loop between your staff and our team with nurse liaison support. Your dedicated nurse leader from Keystone Healthcare will regularly interface with your nursing staff and physician leadership to keep communication about problem resolution and onboarding open, while also leading hospital committee meetings and special initiatives.

Compliance & Risk Management

Our providers receive malpractice insurance and healthcare risk management education. Our corporate compliance healthcare and risk management functions control risk for your hospital and patients while allowing for continual quality care.

Coding & Auditing

Let our certified medical coders transform your hospital’s documentation, nurse notes, and lab and radiology results into proper code. Our team provides consistent feedback to physicians on their documentation performance to ensure maximum reimbursement and revenue.

EMS/Pre-Hospital Care Leadership

Our medical directors for your emergency department support ambulance and emergency medical services (EMS) in your hospital’s regions. No matter how many counties you support, we encourage our medical directors to serve on the local EMS team while our telehealth services integrate with EMS systems.

New Partnership Startup Summit

Every successful new partnership requires a firm foundation, which is why we start every partnership with a Startup Summit. This half-day event is an opportunity to review and document processes, expectations, credentialing, EHRs, and billing and documentation education. It provides alignment between Keystone Healthcare and your hospital team and a clear path to success for everyone involved.

Captive Medical Billing Company

Unlike other companies, we offer a captive medical patient billing company that prevents you, or us, from outsourcing this function. In-house patient billing allows for greater consistency, patient experience, and outcomes by having shared goals and a direct way to close the loop.