3 Topics Your Hospital Should Post about

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By Nicole Ervast, Business Development Associate If you are involved in the social media marketing for your hospital, and you are unsure of what to post or what types of content your audience is looking for, this blog post is for you. There are many large hospitals and health systems that are marketing successfully on social media–if you are looking for some great examples, check out Intermountain Healthcare, Kaleida Health and Cleveland Clinic (I’ve linked to their Twitter pages, but Read More

Why I Wear a White Coat, and You Should Too

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By Joe Blackston, MD, Medical Director Yes, I’m an ER physician, and yes, I wear my white coat. Why? Because it makes my job easier! How could that be, you say? How is it possible that just putting that coat on over your scrubs makes being an Emergency Physician easier? I’ll tell you how. First, we have to assume that you (as well as I) practice in the 99.98% of the world that is not San Francisco, lower Manhattan, or Read More

Effective Social Media Marketing: 8 Tips for Hospitals

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By Nicole Ervast, Business Development Associate Healthcare is a difficult industry in which to market. It is both a product and a service, and it is consumer-driven. But, going to the hospital is not something people ever want to do. It’s not like buying ice cream or visiting a theme park or purchasing a new computer. People don’t buy healthcare products and/or services because they feel like it; they do so usually because they are in pain. This may be Read More

My Trip to the ER


By Nicole Ervast, Business Development Associate A few weeks ago, I found myself in the ER for the first time in my life for a mild to moderate concussion (I’ll spare you the details). Considering that I work for a company that manages emergency departments, it was probably about time. Although it’s never a good thing to have to go to the ER, it was eye-opening to finally be able to relate everything I read and hear about metrics, beds Read More

How to Get Started on Social Media (for Physicians)

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By Nicole Ervast, Business Development Associate If you are a physician, you’ve probably thought about getting active on social media. You may have heard horror stories about negative online reviews and accidental HIPAA violations. This can make joining the online community seem intimidating and not worth the effort. But the fact is, your patients are online, and they are searching for you, tweeting about you, and writing reviews about you. You can choose to put yourself above it all and Read More

How to Get Started on Social Media (for Hospitals)

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By Nicole Ervast, Business Development Associate Before I get into all the details, a small disclaimer: the best thing to do is to hire a social media marketer who knows social media backwards and forwards. But if you don’t have the resources to hire the expertise, or if you prefer to take it on yourself, here are 3 simple steps to getting your hospital started on social media. (I wrote about why your hospital should be on social media in Read More

You are Not Just a Nurse


By Tye Murray, RN, Nurse Liaison Nineteen years ago, I remember my first shift as a nurse. 531* was the code I anxiously keyed into the pad that opened the door to the ED. Nervous and scared don’t begin to describe my feelings as I entered that ED, where my role suddenly changed from ER tech only 12 hours ago, to RN. I entered the room of my first patient. She reminded me so much of my grandmother, “Tee-Taw”. She Read More

Why Your Hospital Should Be on Social Media

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By Nicole Ervast, Business Development Associate As a leader of a hospital, you may be thinking, “We need to focus on patients and metrics, not #ThrowbackThursdays and #FridayFunnies.” And you’re right. Your primary goals should absolutely be patient satisfaction and saving money wherever possible. But social media is important for all businesses, including hospitals. Chances are, your competition is probably on social media, which means you’re the one missing out when consumers (patients) are searching for a hospital in their Read More

ICD-10 Update

By Randy Wilson, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Revenue Cycle Officer Now that we are several months past the ICD-10 implementation date, it’s time to look back and see if it was as terrible as we thought it would be.  There were fears that insurance companies would use this opportunity to withhold payment and we would all be mired in a sea of denials. CMS stated the first twelve months would be an “educational” period where Payers would provide feedback Read More

Transformational Physician Leadership: 10 Qualities

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By O’Neil Pyke, MD, National Director of Hospital Medicine Before we talk about physician leadership, we must first address the question, what is leadership? Here are some of my favorite definitions: “A process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task.” – Martin M. Chambers, An Integrative Theory of Leadership“ “Leadership is ultimately about creating a wall for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen.” Read More