Rural ER, Small Town, USA


By Daniel Greg Stevens, DO, Medical Director I’ve been working in the rural ER now for a little over 7 years, and I have loved almost every minute of it. I grew up in a small town and I have always liked the rural atmosphere—people are so relaxed and easy going. Most of my hobbies take place outdoors, so naturally I wanted to move back to my rural hometown after medical school. I like that people say “yes ma’am” and Read More

Scheduling Funnies

scheduling board

By The Scheduling Team Note: Names have been changed to protect privacy. Scheduling is like the Academy Award winning film Good Will Hunting. It often requires brilliance, patience, a bit of charm and at times, quite a bit of hunting. When one reflects on what makes a phenomenal scheduler, certain words come to mind: kind, well spoken, empathetic, critical thinker, problem solver and patient. With the constant collaboration of the Scheduling Team and the support from our many providers, we Read More

5 Things I’ve Learned about Hospitals by Marketing to Them

doctor in hospital

By Nicole Ervast, Business Development Associate As a fledgling healthcare marketer, I came into the industry knowing next to nothing about either healthcare or marketing. My first mission as a brand new marketer? Build a social marketing strategy from the ground up. I took on this huge task the only way I knew how: in baby steps. Now, a year later, I’ve picked up some insights about marketing to hospitals that I could only learn through rigorous social listening, and Read More

Be Thankful for the Practice of Emergency Medicine


By Gerald Gorman, MD, Medical Director, Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center   It is already November again, which means that it is time to think about Thanksgiving and everything we have to be grateful for in our lives. Family and friends, and hopefully health, come immediately to mind. But when thinking about Thanksgiving, one cannot help but reflect on his/her job as an Emergency Physician, Emergency PA or Emergency NP. If you have chosen Emergency Medicine as your specialty, it Read More

Letter to All Physician Assistants

Elizabeth James, MD

By Elizabeth James, MD, Regional Medical Director   Happy National Physician Assistants Week from all of us at Keystone Healthcare Management! You deserve a very special round of applause and a big thank you as we celebrate your accomplishments and hard work. I entered the field of medicine in large part because of my father, who is a PA. In honor of National PA week, I’d like to share my very early start as an Advanced Practice Provider advocate and Read More

The Hospitalist Imperative: Alignment

Hospitalist Care Continuum

by O’Neil Pyke, MD, National Director of Hospital Medicine   Healthcare in the US is once again in the midst of yet another massive overhaul. And at the center of it, we find the specialty of Hospital Medicine (HM). Still in its infancy, HM has been tasked with the duty of championing the healthcare changes within the walls of the hospital; and in many cases, beyond. Led by CMS, the payers of healthcare services are purposefully moving away from a Read More

Celebrating 50 Years of Nurse Practitioners!

nurse practitioners at AANP

By Dawn Patterson, CFNP, ACNP, ENP   Happy Birthday, Nurse Practitioners! This year celebrates the 50th year since the development of the Nurse Practitioner role in advanced practice. I was extremely proud to be able to represent Keystone Healthcare Management and mingle with nearly 6,000 of my NP colleagues at the American Association of Nurse Practitioners’ annual conference in New Orleans this month. I have been fortunate to have spent 20 of the 50 years practicing as a NP and Read More

Nursing 101

Tye Murray

By Tye Murray, RN, Nurse Liaison What makes you a nurse? In my career, I have come across so many individuals from different walks of life who have had the desire to become a nurse. But often times, they do not possess the caring node of the heart required to complete a single 12-hour shift. As a past preceptor to nursing students and new nurses, I have to say that the skills you can teach a new nurse are endless, Read More

Low Carb, High Fat Diet: Getting Started

Peter Jensen

By Peter Jensen, MD, Medical Director of Hospitalist Services, Marion General Hospital   Why restrict carbohydrates rather than total calories or fat? In a nutshell: it’s about insulin. Insulin has two main functions: 1. It enables glucose to enter cells so they can utilize it for energy 2. It promotes the deposition of fat into the body’s fat stores The higher the insulin level, the more fat is deposited and locked into fat stores. Carbohydrates are the primary food type Read More

The Role of Chief Medical Officer

By Sanford Glantz, MD, Chief Medical Officer   One of my prerogatives as Chief Medical Officer is to work clinical shifts at the various hospitals with which we contract. In doing so, I have the opportunity to meet a number of extraordinary people – our physicians, mid-levels and the nurses and staff of our client hospitals. The hospitals vary in volume and demographics, from large to small, urban to rural, northern and southern. What I enjoy best is being able Read More