Are You Ready for ICD-10?

By Randy Wilson, Chief Financial Officer/Chief Revenue Cycle Officer   We’ve all heard the warnings … “October 1 will soon be upon us! Are you ready for ICD-10?” And each year, just as we near the brink of converting, someone convinces the powers-that-be we should delay implementation yet again. Companies have invested millions of dollars preparing for the conversion that never comes. The news media reports providers are not ready, and some argue that at this late date we should Read More

Niagara Falls Memorial Annual Gala

By Sanford Glantz, MD, Chief Medical Officer Every January for the past 13 years, Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center hosts a fundraising gala. This year there were about 900 attendees. Keystone has been a significant contributor to the gala since we have been associated with the hospital. The gala is an important way for the hospital to raise funds to serve the community. This year, on top of the general fundraising, they had a separate collection of money for a Read More