The healthcare market is more challenging and complex than ever before. Hospitals and clinical services are challenged to improve quality outcomes, patient safety and the patient experience. More demands are being placed on providers to meet these expectations in an increasingly fast-paced and EMR-technology-driven workplace. Hospitals must tackle these and other challenges to ensure their long-term viability and financial success.

Keystone Healthcare Management not only understands these challenges, but builds clinical service teams that can meet and overcome them. We know that hospitals must weigh regulations, budgets and other factors as part of their clinical service delivery. Failing to provide adequate clinical services means that a facility can receive poor quality ratings, penalties, reduction in reimbursement, and missed opportunities for subsidies–all potentially undermining the organization and its ability to serve its patients and fulfill its community‚Äôs healthcare needs. As your partner, Keystone will track key data/metrics, improve your operations, develop customer service and patient satisfaction initiatives, and implement industry best practices where appropriate.

At Keystone, we see many opportunities to improve the quality of EM and HM care while containing costs, aligning incentives and effectively utilizing resources. A few examples are as follows:

  • Effective integration of Advanced Practice Providers to support ED and HM physicians
  • Application of Lean process improvement and industry best practices
  • Building of a culture of service and satisfaction
  • Implementation of work flow technology to monitor patient flow in real-time
  • Utilization of scribes to help providers improve their productivity
  • Open, frequent communication, transparency and collaboration

As a stable strategic partner, Keystone pledges transparency and open communication with its clients. Together, we can achieve excellence in our EM and HM practices, effectively manage change and ultimately provide a better patient experience. With progressive management, we will work with you to build a culture of service and satisfaction. And ultimately, we will move your metrics.