Niagara Falls Memorial Annual Gala

By Sanford Glantz, MD, Chief Medical Officer

Every January for the past 13 years, Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center hosts a fundraising gala. This year there were about 900 attendees. Keystone has been a significant contributor to the gala since we have been associated with the hospital. The gala is an important way for the hospital to raise funds to serve the community. This year, on top of the general fundraising, they had a separate collection of money for a community outreach program to help the mentally disabled with their basic housing needs. The amount targeted was raised within 10 minutes. This year Keystone attendees included our president, Glenn Adams, as well as Drs. Gorman, Collure, Sciammarella, Wenner, Desai, Patel and myself.

Keystone strives to be not just a contract company, but a true partner in helping the hospital meet its mission to the community.