Keystone Partners with Garden Park Medical Center

December 16, 2015

Gulfport, MS

Keystone Healthcare Management, a growing and innovative provider of Emergency and Hospital Medicine physician staffing and management services, has announced a partnership with Garden Park Medical Center.

Garden Park Medical Center is located in Gulfport, MS and is part of Hospital Corporation of America, one of the nation’s largest hospital systems. The system owns about 165 hospitals nationwide and employs over 200,000 people. Garden Park sees approximately 43,000 ED visits per year.

The partnership between Keystone and Garden Park will help the hospital better serve the medical needs of the community. Keystone will provide physicians, advanced practice providers and medical directors for the Emergency Department and Hospitalist program, as well as industry best practices for managing each department.

“We are extremely excited to be assuming management of the EM Services at Garden Park in February 2016, after managing the HM Services since September,” stated Glenn Adams, President of Keystone. “Our unique approach to optimizing patient flow through an integrated EM/HM team structure will accelerate the improved practice management and service performance we expect and strive for.”

Keystone has been managing Garden Park’s Hospital Medicine program since September 2015 and is scheduled to assume management of the Emergency Department on February 15, 2016.

About Keystone

Keystone Healthcare Management has provided leading-edge solutions in Emergency Department Management since 1996 and Hospitalist Service Management since 2005. Keystone provides a full range of practice management, billing and administrative services for EM and HM practices. We help our clients overcome the many challenges of the modern healthcare marketplace. We focus on helping to properly align EM & HM clinical services with the quality and performance requirements you must meet.

The Keystone team becomes an important extension of the hospital’s structure, ensuring that your EM & HM services perform at required levels and deliver proper reimbursement, compliance, and satisfaction. To be successful, hospitals must align EM & HM Services from both a quality and budgetary standpoint. With this goal in mind, we will partner with your facility to improve EM and HM quality, safety, satisfaction, efficiency and resource utilization.

To learn more about partnership opportunities with Keystone, call Don Booth at 1-800-839-8493 or contact us.