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Whitepaper: Keystone Healthcare COVID-19 Hospital Response

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact hospitals and health systems into 2022. Surges in viral variants undermine performance improvement initiatives, while employee turnover, clinical staff shortages, and medical supply chain issues leave hospitals understaffed and overwhelmed. Programs and processes that were effective before the pandemic are no longer working, and hospital administrators and clinicians are struggling to strategize systemic improvements. Hospitals throughout the country don’t have the support, strategic advice, or partnerships they need to deliver effective, quality patient care despite the fact that it’s more important than ever to recalibrate and address performance and care priorities. After two bleak, turbulent years, hospitals throughout the country are ready to kick off 2022 with a refreshed list of strategic priorities and new initiatives. Keystone Healthcare ™ hasn’t just survived, we’ve thrived. We’re engaging with our hospital partners more than ever to deliver outstanding results because we recognize that very few have the resources to overcome these challenges alone.

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  • COVID-19 & the Rise of Telehealth

  • Patient Satisfaction and Patient Flow Management During COVID-19

  • Mental Health & Vaccine Confidence

  • The New Paradigm for Performance Improvement

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Keystone Healthcare Partners™ (Keystone Healthcare™) is a leading provider of Emergency Medicine, Hospital Medicine, and Telehealth physician staffing and management services for hospitals. We efficiently deliver high-quality, patient-centered care through meaningful, long-term partnerships spearheaded by our strong physician leadership and involved management teams. Our innovative and integrated business model maintains a proven track record of reducing observations and optimizing admissions to enhance the cycle of patient and provider satisfaction, clinical outcomes, and financial success.