Keystone Healthcare Partners Expands Partnership with Anderson Regional Health System, Adds ICU/CCU Coverage

Memphis, TN, May 15, 2020 – Keystone Healthcare Partners (Keystone Healthcare), a leading provider of Emergency Medicine and Hospital Medicine physician management services and staffing solutions for hospitals, announced today that Anderson Regional Health System (ARHS) has expanded its Hospital Medicine and Emergency Medicine contract with Keystone Healthcare to include support for its intensive care unit (ICU). The enhanced agreement will provide a critical layer of support to the hospital and its patients as demand for intensive care grows amid coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns.

ARHS, a 400-bed system with over 10,000 admissions located in Meridian, Mississippi, has been a client of Keystone Healthcare since 2017. Keystone Healthcare provides the hospital with Emergency Medicine and Hospital Management physician staffing and management services, and now, will add physician staffing and management for the ICU to its contract starting May 15, 2020. Keystone Healthcare will provide 24/7/365 coverage for the closed-unit ICU, adding half a dozen clinicians to its staff.

“We are excited to grow and strengthen our relationship with Anderson Regional Health System and the community we serve by caring for patients in the ICU and CCU,” said Hatem Mourad, MD, SFHM, Director of Hospital Medicine at Keystone Healthcare. “Our goal is to provide evidence-based quality care to all patients with critical care needs through improved access to dedicated clinicians who are available at a moments’ notice. Our team of critical care physicians and hospitalists are poised to improve patient outcomes and communication with families and staff during this time.”

The contract expansion follows the outbreak of COVID-19, in which many hospitals experienced increased demand for ICU coverage. Keystone Healthcare’s physician staffing and management support will provide relief to ARHS as it continues to navigate ebbs and flows of the pandemic and beyond. With physicians already on-site providing EM and HM care, the supplement of ICU coverage by Keystone Healthcare adds significant value to ARHS and its patients. Physicians will be better poised to efficiently treat and manage patients receiving intensive care. This arrangement closes the loop between HM, EM, and intensive care, enabling ARHS to more effectively manage patient flow, turnover, and outcomes.

“Keystone Healthcare is extremely pleased to have the opportunity to expand our partnership with Anderson Regional Health System to include the ICU/CCU service in alignment with our management of Hospital Medicine and Emergency Medicine services,” said Glenn Adams, President at Keystone Healthcare. “We look forward to the improvement opportunities that this further alignment will present as we continue to provide the best patient and family experience and ROI for our partners at ARHS.”

Keystone Healthcare’s integrated approach to EM and HM and its innovative business model has provided ARHS with integrated recruiting, orientation, scheduling, revenue cycle management, compliance, evidence-based practices, and efficient patient flow. The addition of ICU coverage will increase integration between departments, ensuring everyone in the hospital is informed, poised, and empowered to contribute to quality outcomes, patient experiences, and financial success.

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