Keystone Healthcare Partners Welcomes First-Ever Director of Emergency Medical Services

Memphis, TN, May 15, 2020 – Keystone Healthcare Partners (Keystone Healthcare), a leading provider of Emergency Medicine and Hospital Medicine physician management services and staffing solutions for hospitals, welcomed its first-ever Director of Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Darryl Wenner, DO, who will be responsible for aligning the EMS with emergency departments throughout the company.

Dr. Wenner, formerly Keystone Healthcare’s Medical Director for Emergency Medicine and Hospital Medicine at Bertrand Chaffee Hospital, will take on the role of Director of EMS to align the company’s EMS and emergency departments. Dr. Wenner brings extensive experience in advocating for the importance of strong EMS relationships to improve patient outcomes and increase patient volume. He will utilize his previous experience to also advance the delivery of EMS with Keystone TelehealthTM services, which include virtual case management, tele-triage, hospital lightning rounds, and ED2Home.

In this new role, Dr. Wenner will also work closely with Director of Emergency Medicine and Telehealth Strategic Solutions, Elizabeth James, MD.  Together, they will work to improve communication and partnerships between the EMS and emergency departments.

“I look forward to working on new initiatives to improve EMS services and patient care as well as our individual hospital partner’s relationships with their local EMS providers,” said Dr. Wenner. “. I feel these new initiatives will continue to keep KHP at the forefront of healthcare delivery, benefitting not only our healthcare partners, but, more importantly, our patients as well.”

Keystone Healthcare’s integrated approach to EM and HM and its innovative business model has provided client hospitals with integrated recruiting, orientation, scheduling, revenue cycle management, compliance, evidence-based practices, and efficient patient flow. The addition of a Director of EMS will increase integration between critical departments, ensuring everyone in the hospital is informed, poised, and empowered to contribute to quality outcomes, patient experiences, and financial success.

About Keystone Healthcare

Keystone Healthcare Partners (Keystone Healthcare) is a leading provider of Emergency Medicine and Hospital Medicine physician management services and staffing solutions for hospitals. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida and with additional offices nationwide, Keystone Healthcare efficiently delivers high-quality, patient-centered care through strong physician leadership and involved management that drive our innovative and integrated business model and performance metrics. Visit